Become a Part of Our Family!

Care Center Volunteers

 Friendships Needed!

The Care Center offers many activities that the community can volunteer/participate in!

  • Feeding Assistance Volunteers-  This is one of the greatest needs we have in the care center. We offer training twice a year and sharing mealtime with the residents can be a very rewarding experience!
  •  Manicure Volunteers- this involves removing the old polish and applying the new and can be done at any time.
  • Bingo Volunteers- On Sunday mornings at 10:00 am, we play bingo and could always use extra players or a new caller!
  • Crafting Volunteers- We have two crafts a month and often need more helping hands; it often requires gluing and/or simple cooking skills. If you have a special skill you would like to share with our residents we are always interested in new activities!
  • Evening Companions- After the sun sets can be a very busy time for our staff and a difficult time for our residents. Just having someone to sit and hold the hand of a resident can make all the difference!
  • Story tellers. Story Listeners- The Care Center is full of stories, and visitors are always welcome to come to tell stories or hear some.

In March we are having an entertaining couple, The Miner Pickers comes to play on the 22nd at 10:30 am and would love for others to come and enjoy.

For more information call Ashley at 719-743-2421

Hospice Volunteers

  • Vigil Volunteer- The Vigil Volunteer is present with actively dying patients.  Providing support for family and patient as assigned by Family Service Coordinator.

16 hours of training required

3 hours of training each quarter required

  • Home Care Patient Care Volunteer- The Home Care Patient Volunteer provides support to patient and family as assigned by Family Service Coordinator.  Example:  Reading to patient, playing cards, documenting the patient’s story for the family, etc.  Sitting with the patient while the Caregiver runs errands.

16 hours of training required

3 hours of training each quarter required

  • The Bereavement Companion Volunteer will help support those in the bereavement program  The bereavement program is a13 monthprogram.   Grief Companions are available to help make connections and to be present to the bereaved families.

16 hours of training required

3 hours of training each quarter required

Training is provided by Lincoln Community Hospital/Hospice.

Must be 18 years of age or older

Background check required

If interested please call Jennifer Stansbury 719-743-2797

hands raised

Helping hands needed

Our Volunteers are an integral part of our family- We encourage anyone interested in volunteering to reach out and ask questions you may have. Training is provided and free of charge!