Infectious Disease

You are able to see an Infectious Disease Specialist without going to the city! Limon Family Practice is now offering appointments with Colorado Doctors specializing in the area of Infectious Disease, via telemedicine. If you are currently diagnosed or concerned about anything on the list below, ask your primary care provider if an Infectious Disease Consult is right for you. Or call the Limon Family Practice to find out how to schedule an appointment today.


–        HIV Infection (any stage)

–        Osteomyelitis

–        Prosthetic Joint Infections

–        Travel Medicine and Vaccination advice

–        Recurrent MRSA

–        Respiratory Tract Infection

–        Diabetic Wounds

–        Tuberculosis (TB)

–        Skin and Soft Tissue Infections

–        Blood/Body Fluid Exposure

–        Malaria

–        Immune Deficiency Screen

–        Urinary Tract Infections

–        Fever: Prolonged, unknown cause

–        Herpes Simplex recurrence

–        Clostridium difficile

–        CNS Infections

–        Herpes viruses (HSV/VZV/EBV/CMV/HHV)

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