About Telemedicine

What is Telemedicine?

–        Telemedicine is live video conferencing with a health care provider using interactive, electronic audio and video equipment, allowing patients to have direct interactions with physicians very similar to an in-person visit. During the visit, a clinical staff member will be in the room to assist the physician on the other end with medical peripherals, such as a stethoscope or exam camera during your visit. There is no added cost for telemedicine, and most tests or procedures which may be ordered after the exam can be completed locally.

Why is LCH implementing and expanding telemedicine services in the area?

–        At LCH, we are neighbors caring for neighbors, and bringing telemedicine services to our rural area will allow many of our neighbors to stay in the homes and communities they love longer. By implementing these services, we will be able to multiply medical resources available across Eastern Colorado helping close the health gap between urban and rural communities.

Do I need to get prior authorization or pre-approval for a telemedicine visit from my insurance company?

–        Yes, it is always advised to get prior authorization or pre-approval for telemedicine visits from your insurance company so be sure the service is a covered benefit.

Can I still get my prescription if I do a telemedicine visit?

–        Yes, any prescriptions needed will be sent electronically to your preferred pharmacy.

Who do I contact to schedule an appointment?

–        Some insurance companies require a referral from your primary care provider, while others allow patients to self-refer. Depending on your insurance plan, you will either contact the specialist’s office or have a referral sent by your primary care. Many specialists also provide a self-pay option for patients who are not covered.

Do I need to bring anything to the appointment?

–        Yes. It’s best to have all paperwork completed in advance. Please ask the front desk of the clinic where your appointment will be held to get the necessary paperwork for your specialist appointment.

Why do I need to fill out paperwork when I have been to this clinic in the past?

–        The telemedicine services being offered are to provide an option to see certain specialists without having to drive into the city. Even though the appointment may be held at a clinic where you’ve been seen in the past, the telemedicine service is essentially connecting you to another clinic which does not have access to all the records we have on file. Though a referral is sent with important information, the specialty clinics have their own paperwork and information they require from patients.

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