Meet Our Management Team

Kevin Stansbury

Kevin Stansbury CEO

David Usher

David Usher CFO

Patrick Yount

Patrick Yount CIO

Erika Saffer

Erika Saffer Nursing Home Administrator & Director of Therapy

Daniel Walker

Daniel Walker CNO

Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith Hospital Director of Nursing

Cerina Cunningham

Cerina Cunningham Care Center Director of Nursing

Linda Messer, MLT-ASCP

Linda Messer, MLT-ASCP Laboratory Manager

Elon Calkum

Elon Calkum Director of Behavioral Health

Erin Mellott, PA-C

Erin Mellott, PA-C Physician's Assistant- Certified & Director of Clinics

Samantha Coleman

Samantha Coleman Clinics Assistant Manager

Cheri Nestor

Cheri Nestor Radiology Director

Jessica Weeks

Jessica Weeks Director of Assisted Living

Robert Carson

Robert Carson Director of Transport

Michael Kimball

Michael Kimball Director of Housekeeping

Megan Mosher

Megan Mosher Director of Marketing & Public Relations

Mark Morrison

Mark Morrison Director of Outreach & Education

Carrie Owens, RN

Carrie Owens, RN Director of Home Health & Hospice

McKenzi Stone

McKenzi Stone Director of Human Resources

Kathy Richie

Kathy Richie Compliance Officer

Sheri Gaskins

Sheri Gaskins Director of Dietary

Lisa Bacharach

Lisa Bacharach Director of Hospitality Services

Jacque Rapp

Jacque Rapp Executive Administrative Assistant

Christina Michaels

Christina Michaels Finance Director

Jodi Gray

Jodi Gray Director of Credentialing

Ashley Dykeman

Ashley Dykeman Director of Activities

Steven Young

Steven Young Director of Maintenance

Michael Gaskins

Michael Gaskins Director of Information Technology

MaryAnne Wallace, MD, NRP

MaryAnne Wallace, MD, NRP Director of Telemedicine