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  1. What is a provider based physician practice?
    1. A physician practice (Gordon Clinic, Flagler Clinic, Limon Family Practice) that the Hospital (Lincoln Community Hospital) operates, maintains and supports as an outpatient department of the Hospital.
  2. What are administrative and facility costs known as “facility fees”?
    1. They are costs incurred by the Hospital in operating the practice, (i.e. overhead costs such as electricity, phones, heating, cooling, etc., equipment/supplies, and compensation for non- professional staff. These costs are necessary for Lincoln Community Hospital’s Physician Practices to see and treat its patients.
  3. Why are you charging me twice for the same day?
    1. This clinic is a provider-based practice and based on Medicare guidelines, there is split billing for the professional fee and the facility fee. The Hospital incurs significant cost in operating and maintaining the clinic, and the facility charge helps to cover that cost. The professional fee is for the physician or ancillary provider service. These charges are equal to the amount that would have been billed as a single charge prior to the conversion to a provider-based clinic. These guidelines went into effect in 2001.
  4. I did not go to the hospital; I went to see my doctor…
    1. The Physician Practice clinic location where you were treated is an outpatient department of Lincoln Community Hospital. The Hospital is responsible for the cost to operate and maintain the clinic; therefore, based on Medicare regulations, it is an extension of the Hospital.
  5. If my insurance company is not paying for the charges, why should I?
    1. We are required to bill you for balances not paid by your insurance company. Your claims were processed based on your benefits for outpatient hospital services and you are responsible for any balance not paid.
  6. What if I don’t have Medicare?
    1. Many private insurers recognize and value the integrated care provided to their insured members in provider-based facilities. Such insurers generally follow Medicare’s guidelines in processing provider-based claims. However, claims will be billed depending on the requirements of your insurance policy.
  7. Does this mean patient’s will pay more for services?
    1. Depending on their insurance coverage, it is possible patients may pay more for certain outpatient services and procedures at our provider-based/hospital outpatient locations than at other standalone sites. We recommend patients review their insurance benefits or contact their insurance provider to determine what their policy will pay and what out-of-pocket expenses they may incur.
  8. Why wouldn’t I just go to another to another clinic then where they won’t bill me a facility fee?
    1. We are sorry that you feel this way and understand your frustration with these new billing practices. The laws governing this type of billing structure went in to effect in 2001 and our facility just recently started billing via this method starting in May of 2017.  Part of this decision was in response to the higher costs of providing care.  We are willing to work with you on your bill and offer a variety of payment options and even discounts, when applicable.
  9. Where can patients call with their questions or concerns?
    1. Patients may contact:
      1. LCH Financial Counselors at: 719-743-2421 x3222
    2. What can patients do if they are having difficulty paying for healthcare services?
      1. Lincoln Community Hospital offers various payment options. For further details please contact the Financial Counselors at the number listed above.

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